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5 Dumb Things Investors Do With Their Money

An article was released by Yahoo on how you can avoid investments that has a tentative gain. Some of it I actually agree, although, I can say my understanding of Forex, Stocks and Bonds are little. However, they had also included Social Media in the list which is argument-able. And why do you think so?

The author states 3 negative reasons:
1. they have unproven business models
2. barriers to entry are very low as competing sites are rather easy to develop
3. hundreds of millions of dollars of investment capital are pursuing only a handful of good ideas in the space

It seems the author wants to insinuate readers that a person should invest their money more on a stable company or physical property just to be safe. But, does the world wants people to be safe? And what will happen to start-up businesses? Bare in mind that every company and businesses need to start small, right? hmm..just a thought.

Let’s not forget about why social media is build on the first place. They are not meant for advertisement. They are meant for connection. A platform that has a “human touch”.  People all around the world can connect by sharing their lives on the “space” (as what the author states it). I guess, money cannot buy these kind of happiness.

Good ideas are everywhere. Even a kindergarden can create a good idea. A brilliant idea is another story. Brilliant people tend to compete whose the best. It’s like Apple and Microsoft, Facebook and Tumblr, or Groupon and Best Deals. Social Media inspires people to innovate, putting ideas to reality, and building platforms that can help our society.

Bottom Line: It is not a dumb idea to invest on such platforms. Social media still fulfills their purpose even if you don’t gain much on it.

Fun Thought: I bet the author is in his 50’s or 60’s.  🙂

Link: http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/5-dumb-things-investors-money-183747936.html


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