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is it Samsung vs Apple in Mobile Arena?

Samsung 2011 Q4 earnings in 2011 is $42 billion in sales, $4.7 billion operating profile while Motorola earns, $3.4 billion revenue, $80 million net loss, Nokia failing 73% earnings in sale while Blackberry is in the verge of losing everything. Good job Samsung.

Samsung Story:

It might not be making as much money as the competition in Cupertino, but that doesn’t mean Samsung isn’t raking in cash at an astonishing clip. We reported earnings estimates a few weeks ago, but now it’s official that the firm posted a 5.3 trillion won ($4.7 billion) operating profit in Q4 2011. That represents over a 2 trillion won ($1.8 billion) increase year over year. In all, it pulled in 47.3 trillion won ($42 billion) in sales, thanks in no small part to the over 300 million phones Sammy sold last year. While mobile accounted for roughly 40 percent of company sales and half of its operating profit (2.6 trillion won, or $2.3 billion), its semiconductor business did almost as well, raking in 2.3 trillion won ($2 billion) in profit over the same period. Samsung’s Display Panel business outperformed 2010 — buoyed by strong sales in LED televisions — as sales were up almost 20 percent, to 8.55 trillion won ($7.6 billion).

Link: http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/26/samsung-2011-q4-earnings-official-billion-in-revenue-4-6-bi/



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