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Motive behind Hewlett-Packard slashing of workforce

As the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Worthen reported Wednesday, H-P said it will reallocate the $3 billion to $3.5 billion it says it will save each year from the 27,000 job cuts planned between now and 2014 to Big Data analytics, cloud computing and security infrastructure.

CIOs already purchase such technologies from Oracle, IBM, Amazon Web Services, SAP and, of course, H-P. But earmarking billions of dollars more sends a strong signal that it intends to be the CIOs’ top choice. I’m not predicting H-P will best its rivals here. The company must execute, an area where it’s been weak of late after reporting a 31% profit drop and a 3% revenue decline for its fiscal second quarter. But targeting Big Data, cloud computing and security certainly aims for CIO’s sweet spots.

Link: http://blogs.wsj.com/cio/2012/05/24/cios-should-know-h-p-investing-in-big-data-cloud/


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